Bargain Deals

Home Owners and Contractors

Our business specializes in purchasing overstocked, slightly defective, and misrun stock moldings from suppliers across the country. These products, which may have minor imperfections or are excess inventory, are acquired in bulk, enabling us to offer significant cost savings to our customers. By buying these materials at reduced prices, we can provide high-quality, discounted moldings for various applications, making home improvement and construction projects more affordable for our customers. This approach allows us to pass on the benefits of bulk purchasing to our customers, delivering quality products at competitive prices.

Multi Family Builders

Selling overstock moldings in bulk to major builders is an ideal solution to assist them in cost-saving on their upcoming projects. By offering these surplus moldings at discounted rates, builders can reduce their material expenses without compromising on quality. This mutually beneficial arrangement not only helps builders manage their budgets more efficiently but also minimizes excess inventory for suppliers. It's a win-win scenario that fosters collaboration within the construction industry while promoting sustainability through reduced waste.